Memorial For Karen Lee Hunt
Karen Lee Hunt
January 7, 1968 - December 21, 1988
Syracuse University Student
Daughter of Bob and Peggy Hunt
Webster, New York
On December 21, 2020 it will be Thirty Two since Pan Am 103 fell from the sky over Lockerbie

A plan to honour the 270 people who lost their lives in the Lockerbie air disaster has been revealed.

US events to mark Lockerbie bombing 30th anniversary.

UNIVERSITY OF ROCHESTER CALENDAR. an Am Flight 103: The Battle for Justice 30 Years Later.

Relatives remember those lost in Lockerbie bombing By Amy Kotlarz/Catholic Courier.

ITV REPORT 25 October 2018 US events to mark Lockerbie bombing 30th anniversary.

Campus & Community ‘We Remember Them’ Exhibition Honors Victims of Pan Am Flight 103 on 30th Anniversary.

Pan Am 103 first responders bike from Lockerbie to Syracuse to commemorate 30th anniversary of crash.

Remembering Karen
Commemorating Karen Lee Hunt and the 25th Anniversary of Pan Am 103

By Fred Jordan

Today (12/21/2012) is the 24th anniversary of the day my big sister, Karen, was taken.
Not a day goes by that I don't miss her and realize how losing her has changed my life.
I love you Karen!!! Robyn
— with Stacey Fairbairn Sweeney, Farshad Hajir, Thea Pace and Lauren S. Henry.

20TH Anniversary Events

Video Created and Narrated by Joshua Hunt Barry
Nephew of Karen Lee Hunt

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"Click here for a tribute prepared by Bob and Peggy Hunt
for the December 21, 2008 Memorial Service in Washington, D. C."

Annual Memorial Service at Arlington National Cemetery on Monday, Dec 21st,
 the anniversary of the 1988 bombing over Lockerbie Scotland. 1:30 PM.
 Honored guests are Attorney General Loretta Lynch; FBI Director James Comey; 
CIA Director John Brennan; Denis McDonough, White House Chief of Staff; Lisa Monaco, 
Advisor to the President for Homeland Security and Terrorism; Admiral Neffenger, 
Transportation Security Administrator, and Ken Dornstein, producter of the Frontline Series 
"My Brother's Murderer".
Senate Passes Resolution Honoring Victims of Lockerbie, Scotland Bombing

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WDYN Radio
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"The Women of Lockerbie"
A play by Deborah Baley Brevoort

N E W Y O R K, Jan. 31 — They lost their sons, daughters and spouses when Pan Am Flight 103 blew up over Lockerbie, Scotland. For 12 years, they fought with the American and British governments — and sometimes each other — seeking justice. Rochester Reacts To Split Verdict In Lockerbie Bombing AP News, ABC News 01/31/2001 Scottish judges have found one Libyan man guilty and a second not guilty of murdering 270 people in the 1988 bombing of Pan Am Flight 103 over Lockerbie, Scotland. (Greg Bos/Reuters) Rochester, NY and Camp Zeist, Netherlands - More than a decade after Pan Am Flight 103 went down in flames over Lockerbie, Scotland, a Scottish court has found a Libyan man guilty of the attack. Abdel Basset Ali al-Megrahi now faces the maximum penalty for murder under Scottish law: life imprisonment. His sentence will be announced at about 7 a.m. ET. Co-defendant Lamen Khalifa Fhimah was found not guilty. The verdicts, a tremendous surprise after months of speculation, were unanimous. Presiding Judge Lord Sutherland said little other than "guilty" for al-Megrahi and "not guilty" for Fhimah Rochester residents Robert and Peggy Hunt lost their 20-year-old daughter Karen when Pan Am Flight 103 was blown up. The Hunt family watched with mixed emotions from their home Wednesday morning as the Scottish court reached their verdict. Robert Hunt says the family is disappointed by the one innocent verdict. They hope a civil trial will bring more people to justice, including those within the Libyan government. In Robert Hunt's words, "there will always be a scar in our hearts," over the bombing. But, he says, the family will not allow terrorists to affect the rest of their lives. To do that, he says, would be to allow the terrorists to win. Lorraine Halsh of Perinton also died in the bombing. Last night, her husband Paul Halsch and daughter Kelly Halsch, who was 11 months old when her mother died, watched the verdict on TV. Paul Halsch said, "I would have liked a dual verdict, but it didn't meet the standard under Scottish law." Asked if the verdict was something he could live with, he said, "I've lived with the loss of a wife; I'm going to have to live with this." Paul did not attend the trial, although members of his wife's family did. He said he had a "gut feeling" the verdict might not go their way, and he was relieved and gratified that someone would be held accountable. He said that even though one of the defendants will be freed, the clear message that was communicated was that what happened to Flight 103 was state-sponsored terrorism, and now the world must acknowledge that. The decision came after innumerable delays and adjournments, and diplomatic and bureaucratic wrangles since the Dec. 21, 1988 bombing, which killed 259 people on the plane, and 11 on the ground. The trial itself was billed as Scotland's biggest murder proceeding ever, costing some $90 million and involving 10,232 pages of testimony from 235 witnesses. The conviction should intensify suspicions that the attack was intended as an act of revenge by Libyan leader Moammar Gadhafi against the United States for the 1986 bombing of Libya, in which an adopted daughter died. The two Libyans became suspects in 1992, but Gadhafi had refused to surrender them until April 1999, nearly a decade after the U.N. Security Council had imposed broad economic sanctions on Libya. In return for suspension of the sanctions, Gadhafi allowed the two men to stand trial in a neutral country. With the trial at its end, there are hopes in Libya that the sanctions against it will be permanently lifted. U.S. Secretary of State Colin Powell said on Tuesday that the United States would not be able to immediately drop all the sanctions built up over the years.

PanAm 103 Film

In the bombing of Pan Am Flight 103 over Lockerbie, Scotland, on December 21, 1988, Karen Lee Hunt and 269 people died for no reason. 20 years later all of the persons responsible for this terrible tragedy have yet to be brought to justice!

Shortly after the crash, Karen's father Bob wrote an article about the tragedy that was published in the the Rochester newspapers. A local singer songwriter, Bonnie Abrams, took Bob's words and wrote a song for Karen and all of the victims of Pan Am Flight 103. The song is titled "Only Americans"

Click here to listen to a sound clip from Only Americans.
Only Americans MP3

Three years after the crash a gentleman from England, Richard Newbegin, was on a holiday to Lockerbie. He went to see the Lockerbie Memorial, and although he had never met or even heard of Karen, went home and wrote "Song For Karen", which he then recorded at his friend Ali Lee's Mill Studio, in Alnwick, England.

Click here to read Richard's compelling story in his own words.

Click here to read the lyrics from Song For Karen.

In November of 1998, Bob and Peggy Hunt brought the recording to Dynamic Recording and said they wanted to release it to keep Karen's memory alive, and to generate donations for the Ronald McDonald House charity. We asked Jerry Brongo, who did the arrangements and the music for "Only Americans", if he would take Richard's "Song For Karen" and arrange and create the music for that song as well. This started a wonderful collaboration between Richard and Jerry - the results of which can be heard by clicking here.
MP3 (Song For Karen - complete song)

The final CD and Cassette contain Only Americans, and the original Song For Karen recorded in England, and the new version arranged by Jerry, with Richard's vocals, and Peggy Campbell reading Karen's Poem, plus all of the music without the vocals

    On December 21, 1988, at 7:03 pm, a heinous, despicable atrocity was committed in the sky above Lockerbie, Scotland - the bombing of Pan Am Flight 103, carrying 259 passengers and crew of various nationalities from London to New York. A further eleven Lockerbie residents died on the ground. The mass murder of 270 innocent, defenseless men, women, and children. Those of us who were not affected directly by this inhuman act - who have only read about or have been informed by media coverage of the tragedy, cannot begin to imagine the suffering that started on that night, and continues still. We can sympathize. We can be horrified. We can be enraged. We may not even care. It didn't happen to us. But where one can begin to get a perspective of the tragedy and the personal horror and suffering is in the silence of the beautiful garden of remembrance on the outskirts of the town. To stand in the stillness in front of the memorial is a most humbling experience. The heartrending sentiments on those marble stones are a poignant and everlasting reminder of what man can do to man. I cried. Why? I knew no one. I had not been at that place before. But, I cried. I read all the beautiful words. Emotions flooded. Where do loved ones find such beauty in words? So peaceful now.

    The individual plaques on the wall at either side of the main memorial in remembrance of some of the American victims served as a reminder of the tragedy of another nation's families. Terrorism does not discriminate. Then I read the following plaque.
    The effect it has had on me I shall carry for the rest of my life. So far from home. So cruel. So obscene. Yet, peace. Indescribable suffering has been engen-dered on friends and family of many nations since that horrific night. Tragic, brave people whom I have not, nor ever will meet. What can I offer these people? What could I say? I think of you all. How can I not. I think of Karen. You knew this wasn't the end. 270 spirits live again. In peace. In The Garden of Everlasting Love. Yes, that is the somewhere, Karen. Together. Forever. Who were you, Karen? I still cry.

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