Memorial For Karen Lee Hunt
Song For Karen
Richard Newbegin

Karen Lee, are you listening?
Karen Lee, can you hear me?
Are you there, can you see me?
Let me know if you're near me.
The winter's coldness blows,
The warmth of you still glows.
I wish that I could know who you were.

Were you small, and an artist? 
Were you tall, and a poet?
Did you tell funny stories?
Did you love someone dearly?
I never knew at all your warmth and beauty, girl,
But, somewhere, someday. 
Maybe far away, or just here?

No one knows why you were taken.
In this world, so much evil.
But you knew when it ended,
Something new was beginning.
Your twenty golden years;
The laughter and the tears.
Now, rid of all your fears in The Garden Of Love.

Left behind are your loved ones.
They will cry. They're still grieving.
Left alone by your leaving.
Let them know, it's no ending.
The tears will never dry,
But time will see them by.
Help stop them asking "Why?"
They will see you again,
In The Garden Of Love.